Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I went with a friend to the cinema today to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  This is a spy story, set in the bleak days of the Cold War.  George Smiley, who is played by the brilliant Gary Oldman, is a semi-retired espionage veteran who is forced back to work in order to uncover a mole within MI6 - a Soviet agent. 

I had read the book by John Le Carr√© many years ago and honestly couldn't remember who the spy was.  The casting was great and we really enjoyed the film.

But I have a huge complaint, not about the movie, but rather about the people who do go to the cinema.  Could you explain to me why people go to the cinema if all they want to do is chat to their friends during the film, or why they cannot sit still for 1 to 2 hours tops.  They also arrive late for the movie and then after sitting down for 10 minutes, decide, oh, I need popcorn, a drink .... 

I love watching films and especially love going to the cinema, or should I say I used to.  Nowadays I prefer to download them from itunes and watch it in the privacy and quiet of   my home without horrible mannered teenagers or adults in the crowd.

We had this family in front of us, where the mother was eating popcorn, then she decided to pick all the corn pieces that hadn't popped and crunch and make silly noises, shaking the bag around and crunching the hard corn, if you are that bored, GO HOME.  This went on throughout the entire film and you could clearly see the bag was empty.  I wanted to go up to her and slap her upside the head.    

What has happened to consideration to other people?


  1. I watched the TV series with the brilliant Alec Guinness in the lead role. Not seen the film.
    I agree re behaviour in cinemas. I tend to go to out of town cinemas now where you know teenagers etc can't get there as you need a car!

  2. I'm another one who tries to schedule cinema visits to avoid people who think the cinema is their front room!!