Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ode to the Nose

I have always wanted to write and was contemplating a creative writing course but they were fully booked till the end of the year and after many encouragements and comments of JUST WRITE from a friend, I have decided to put fingers to keyboard and write.   So in her honour,  this first story is for you Mrs. CC.
Mrs. CC and I met at work and have over the years become good friends.  We are both great gourmands and enjoy trying out some of the amazing restaurants we have in this fair city of ours.  As you can imagine, in friendship, you start talking about all sorts of things and little by little you find out lots of facts about each other and during one of our many ‘city lunching‘ sessions,  it came out that she has a thing for noses.  Yes, my dear Readers you did read correctly, NOSES.   
Now to me and maybe others  a nose doesn’t really register very high or at all on our list of things to first notice on a man.   But to my friend, it is.  I have never seen someone get so flustered or blush over the sighting of a good nose, its quite delightful and makes me laugh time and time again and as you can imagine we have the funniest discussions on noses.  
However, the most extraordinary thing has happened, I find myself looking out for a good nose.  I cannot help myself, I do this all the time, whilst commuting, walking around town, shopping or sitting in restaurants - arrggghh she has turned me into a nose addict!!   
So this is how “Ode to the Nose’ has come about and I thought I would start with a few samples of some of the best noses out there in the celebrity world, just to give you a taster of what I’m talking about, maybe create some more addicts.  
Dear Readers, feel free to comment, to debate or better yet, let me know if I have left out a great nose.  So here they are, and in no particular order:

Richard Armitage 

This nose is elegant, classic, has an aristocratic look to it, and that profile, look at the all around view, need I say more... and to think that he once said he was just a beanpole with a big nose.  Richard, if you are reading this, look at me, look back at me!

Adrien Brody

Oh yeah, your mama did good!  Look at the slope of that nose, look how long it is, Mrs. CC described it as a depressed nose, quite an adept description, wouldn’t you say? 
Andy Garcia 
I like a nose that comes close to the top lip, quite an arrogant nose, he knows it!

Rowan Atkinson
Now he has quite a charming and charismatic nose I find.

Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

Not many blond men have good noses, Mrs. CC and I found the majority of the spectacular noses were on dark haired men.  But I remembered a good one and he has an amazing nose, so proud, so strong, so bold. 

Steve Carrell 
Really long but instead of pointing down, it comes straight out - out and proud. 

Patrick Dempsey 
Perfectly suits his face, slightly aquiline nose, the tip has a slight bump and then tilts down to a nice en pointe, with classical lines to the nostrils.

Bradley Cooper
Nicely streamlined, a bit of a foxy feel to it. 

Dermot Mulroney
Up close and personal, intense, distinctive but strong - oooh yah.

Henning Baum

I couldn’t forget my favourite German actor, who is blond, so that makes it two now.   Just like him, big, strong, but all encompassing.   

Kevin Spacey
Strong, masculine, he wears his nose, it doesn't wear him - double oscar winning nose!

John Cusack

A very long, dapper but cheeky looking nose. 


Colin Firth

Look at that nose, beautiful, what can I say, sorry, am having a moment here...

So there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed them and if you find yourself starting to look out for those  special noses then I’m sorry to have to tell you, you are a nose addict - welcome to my world! 

I do have to apologise for the awful spacing issues between each picture and caption, but in the editing of the post it looks perfect and when I then publish it, it looks like the above.  Probably wasn't a good idea for my first time blog post to use so many pictures, but it was worth it - don't they all look well lush! 
Yours truly 
Miz Ratti


  1. Yay! You're up and running. I think I might need a lie down after reading about all these amazing noses.

  2. Noses. Well, I appreciate a nice nose - but no nose, no matter how beautiful a schnoz it may be, can save some faces.....

    Welcome to blogland!

  3. Much as I enjoy your writing (you DO tell a mean story, my dear!), I thoroughly appreciate your providing sufficient evidence to support your argument - after all, that's one of the basic rules of writing, isn't it ;-)?

    Distressingly, while I do often notice noses, it's more the ones that aren't that great, that just look wrong in a face or weird me out for some reason....but still fascinate me enough that I can't stop staring.

    And I thoroughly agree that Mr. Armitage's schnoz rules!

  4. Thanks Palatina, I'm so glad that you enjoyed my writing. You are correct in that there are a lot of noses out there that aren't that great, but lets give thanks to the ones that are - i'm very happy to hear that you are a Mr. Armitage fan!! He rocks.

  5. wow, another nose addict :) okay I need to share my fav noses one of which is also Richard Armitage. You did leave out some very good ones: my all time favorite; Lee van Cleef best nose EVER, Patrick Stewart, Gabriel Byrne, Willem Dafoe, Bono, Michael Vartan, Sting (though he had a nose job as b.t.w. did Patrick Dempsy) just google on their images when they were young oh and Uma Thurman now there's a lady with a very fine nose! :)